The lecture "Science in Islamic Civilization: Past and Present" took place


On February 12, 2023, a virtual lecture was held at the initiative of the Islamic Center, which presented not only scientific discoveries in the past of Islamic civilization, but also discussed the verses of the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, due to the observance of which Islamic civilization achieved so much.

At the beginning, it was presented that, like the West, Islamic civilization did not emerge from a vacuum, but included the legacy of previous civilizations. Several individuals who contributed to the creation of Islamic civilization through their scientific or social contributions were then discussed.

The following are the scientists and philosophers of the time presented according to the main merits of their lives - Abu Al Kasim, who published an encyclopedia of surgery that was used in Europe for the next 500 years, Muhamed Ibn Musa - the pioneer of algebra, Muhamed Al Idrisi - the person who drew the first map of the world, Ibn Khaldun - the pioneer of sociology, Ibn Kayim is a pioneer of psychology. Deserving women of that time are also briefly discussed - the most widely discussed is the founder of the first university in the world, Fatima el Fihri.

The first on the list was Prophet Muhammad, who is not only the prophet of Islam, but thanks to whom, as soon as Islam came into being, Muslims began to follow modern hygiene.

Mentioned the astonishing fact that women were recognized as important in scientific life at that time, that they, taught by their parents, sometimes surpassed even other men in knowledge.

The second half of the lecture discussed the sad fact about the backwardness of Islamic countries in modern times and one of the most important reasons for this - colonization, the cessation of adherence to what those generations of Muslims who achieved astonishing achievements adhered to.

The facts of history presented in this lecture showed how realistically it works when the goal of human life and activity is not only earthly things, but also spiritual, and when there is a desire to be useful to others more than oneself, then such life and such activities bring success.

In turn, selfishness steals much of your success like a thief. The material presented in the lecture also testifies that the current backwardness of Muslim countries has developed not only because of their fault, but also because of such historical circumstances as colonialism and western imperialism.

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