The Islamic Center participated in the "Būtent" festival


This Saturday, the Islamic Center participated in the discussion festival 'Būtent'. There, the center set up a space where participants could learn about the Islamic faith, culture, and its influence in our world.

Participants discovered that they already speak Arabic by translating Arabic words into Lithuanian. Indeed, our language contains many such words, from sugar (sukar) to faculty (fikuliati) and algebra (al-džebr)! There were also presentations on discoveries that came to the Western world from the Middle East. From mathematics, optics, cartography to the toothbrush and coffee. If not for Muslim efforts to improve human life, our world would be quite different!

The event also introduced attendees to art in Islamic civilization. One of the most distinctive forms of Islamic art is geometric ornaments, commonly used in mosque interiors. These ornaments symbolize one of the fundamental principles of Islamic faith – God is One, without limits, and beyond the boundaries of our world and imagination. He is the Creator, unlike the Creation. However, with His knowledge, power, love, and grace, He encompasses the whole world and is closer to us than anyone else.

In the space, participants could also learn about the history of Islam in Lithuania, where this religion has existed for more than six hundred years! It was highlighted that Lithuanian mosques resemble traditional Lithuanian village churches. This is because Islam does not destroy local heritage and culture, but adopts it in ways acceptable in Islam.

Moreover, every female participant could try on the Muslim women's head covering – the hijab, and men could take photos with an Arabic men's head covering, known as shemagh.

During this event, participants were very curious in our space and showed exceptional eagerness. We want to thank them all and hope to meet at this festival again next year!