Educational activities

We spread the light of knowledge

The Quran for Lithuania

The purpose of this project is to prepare an easy-to-understand and easily accessible translation of the meanings of the Quran into the Lithuanian language.

This translation is done directly from Arabic with the help of English translations. Also, during the translation, the canonical sources of explanation of the Quran and the scholarly works of linguistics are used, so it will present the Quran exactly as it is understood by the majority of Muslims in the world.

Expected publishing date: February 2024.

Increase our knowledge

"What you learn, you won't carry on your shoulders," says a Lithuanian proverb. Meanwhile, for Muslim scholars, a day spent without learning anything new was considered a bad day. Therefore, the goal of this initiative is to regularly organize lectures and seminars in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages for people living in Lithuania and thus educate our society on the issues of Islam and the Muslim minority.

Islamic library

There is very little openly available information about Islam in the Lithuanian language. Most of the previously published books are either of very poor quality or have become bibliographic rarities.

Therefore, our goal is to publish books about the Islamic faith, the Quran, the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Islam in Lithuania. Some of these books will be translations of other books published in Western countries, others will be written in Lithuanian from the beginning. Therefore, their content will not only be accessible, but also relevant to the people of Lithuania.

Preliminary publication timeline: 2024-2026.

Jaunoji karta - ateities karta

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