Statement on the War in Palestine


During the war between Israel and 'Hamas' that started on October 7th of this year, the Islamic Center condemns the attacks of Israel state against the inhabitants of Gaza, which are equivalent to genocide. This is a war crime that cannot be justified in any way, even in response to the attacks against Israel on October 7th.

Hamas is not the goal of the Palestinians. It is a consequence of Israel's policy against the Palestinians. Without changing this policy, the Palestinian desperation that created Hamas actions will not end, and this will remain the main obstacle to achieving peace.

We state, based on common sense and historical sources, that the roots of this conflict lie in decades of occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and other crimes by Israel. If these crimes continue, peace will not be achieved even if Hamas is destroyed.

The only way to achieve peace is to take into account the demands and aspirations of the Palestinians, who have lived in the land of Palestine for millennia. Also, peace can only be achieved by holding Israel accountable for the crimes committed over decades. Hamas must also be held accountable, but this should not be done by indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure and the people of Gaza, but through legal means.

If 'Hamas' has been condemned for committing crimes violating international law, Israel must also be condemned.

During the Holocaust, some Lithuanians were on the wrong side of history by collaborating with the Nazis of Germany. The least we can do is learn from the mistakes of our forefathers and not support the genocide that is happening before our eyes today.