Islamic Center at the Vilnius Book Fair


On February 22-25 of this year, the Islamic Center opened its stand at the Vilnius Book Fair - one of the largest literary events in our region. This event was attended by many publishers, writers and readers not only from Lithuania, but also from other countries. In the hustle and bustle of the fair, the Islamic Center opened its doors to people who wanted to get to know the Islamic world.

This new translation of the Qur'an into the Lithuanian language was presented at the stand. Copies of the translation were given to those who wanted to get to know this book, the most read in the world, in more detail. This gesture received a lot of interest and positive feedback from the visitors of the fair.

People were impressed by the opportunity to receive this extraordinary book in their native language and by the openness and willingness of the representatives of the Islamic Center to answer any questions they may have about Islam and the teachings of the Qur'an.

This initiative to donate Quran translations is an important step in promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. It shows how books and literature can become a bridge between different cultures, promoting understanding, common humanity and knowledge of Islam.

During the four days of the fair, nearly four hundred copies of the Quran translation were given away to readers who promised to read the Quran instead of letting it collect dust on their shelves.

Also, this new translation was presented to Vilnius University's Middle Eastern studies professors and visiting students, for whom this new translation initiative was not only pleasant, but also scientifically important.

Seeing the great interest of Lithuanians in Islam, the Islamic Center began work on preparing a second edition of this translation. The remaining few dozen copies will soon be available to order online. For those who missed it, we promise to publish the second edition at the beginning of next year, and this time - in a much larger circulation!