Islamic Center at "Miško kuopa"


Last Saturday, at the initiative of the Islamic Center, the Muslims of Vilnius joined the forest cleaning campaign 'Miško kuopa' organized by the State Forest Service. By participating in this campaign, Muslims contributed to the conservation of Lithuania's nature and a cleaner environment.

Islam teaches that the Earth is entrusted to humans as an important asset. Ensuring that it is well-kept is considered a form of worship in Islam. Speaking about a person who removed a thorny branch from the road, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, stated that this act would lead to the forgiveness of sins (Sahih Muslim 1914). Additionally, Islamic law prohibits defecating or otherwise polluting animal habitats. Meanwhile, litter in forests not only 'spoils the view' but also negatively affects the lives of animals living there.

The Islamic Center sincerely thanks the State Forest Service for the opportunity to perform good deeds!